Role of Laghupanchmooladi Bala Siddha Ksheera Paka in Management of Sandhi Vata W.S.R. to Osteoarthritis - A Case Study



Health and disease are two conflicting alterations of life. The human body is so unusual. It declines in every moment. Sandhivata is one of most common type of vatavyadhi which mainly occurs in Vriddhavastha due to dhatukshaya and the other vataprakopaka etiological factors, which limits daily life activities such as walking, standing, personal care, home activities etc. Thus patient make disabled/handicapped. The lakshana of Sandhivata like Sandhishoola (joint pain), Sandhishotha (swelling over joints) Akunchana Prasaranajanya Vedana (difficulty in joint extension/ flexion movements), Stambha (stiffness) and Atopa (crepitus) can be co-related with Osteoarthritis. Here a case of 51 years old lady has been presented with complaints of pain, swelling and restricted movements of both knee joints. Based on clinical sign and symptoms, she was diagnosed as a case of Sandhigatavata (OA). Treatment planned was Laghupanchmoolabala siddha ksheerapaka as a drink (pana). Assessment of patient condition before and after treatment was done based on visual analogue scale for pain and physical activity grading to evaluate efficacy of the given treatment. Based on the assessment parameters significant improvement was seen in the subjective symptoms and pain scale after the completion of a schedule of 15 days of treatment and a seven days follow up. The physical activity grading also improved significantly. It can be concluded that severe OA may be managed with ayurvedic treatment.

How to cite this article: Aili S. Role of Laghupanchmooladi Bala Siddha Ksheera Paka in Management of Sandhi Vata W.S.R. to Osteoarthritis - A Case Study. J Adv Res Pharm Sci Pharmacol Interv 2021; 4(1): 10-12.


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