About the Journal


Dr (Prof.) Sushil Kumar Shukla

Professor, Biostatistics
Department of Community Medicine
Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences
Saifai, Etawah, U.P. -  206130.


The vision of IJHCE&MI is empowerment and facilitation to the academic world to excel for community development. The objectives are to provide a flexible but stable platform for expression, innovation, and experimentation to students, researchers, educators, policymakers, government and community people in the field of education and training in health education including medical and clinical education and allied medical sciences, including dentistry, nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy. It covers following topics but not limited to: Curriculum development and planning; Basic Medical Education; Graduate and postgraduate Medical Education; Continuing Professional Development, Pedagogic Practice; Simulation-Based Medical Education; Communication Skills; Student Selection; Assessment tools and techniques of teaching Learning; Objective and subjective assessment; Development of Medical Education Research; Design and Production of Teaching Learning Materials; Web-Based and computer-based learning; Information and Communication Technologies in Medical and Health Education; Clinical Decision-Making; Clinical Reasoning; Internationalization of Healthcare Education; Leadership in Health education; Evaluation and Monitoring Research; Measurement and Evaluation in Medical Education; Post-Examination Analysis of Objective Tests; Community Education and Health Literacy; Information systems including national and international registration systems; Hospital Information system; Document handling system; system integration with the healthcare education; computer and website aided medical decisions; protocol developments; artificial intelligence; application of IT in all levels of healthcare system.