A Pre-Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge regarding Urinary Tract Infection among Adolescents Girls



Adolescent Girls, Urinary Tract Infection, Structured Teaching Program, Knowledge


Urinary tract infection is a common problem among adolescent girls
causing much discomfort to lead to dropping the school. Inadequate
hydration, unclean toilets, and poor menstrual and sexual hygiene
practice predispose an adolescent girl to UTI. Internationally survey
reported 8.1 million girls’ visits to health care providers every year,
national family health survey reported a prevalence of 16.6% positively
for among adolescent girls. MP survey reported in 2014, says 8% of
adolescent girls are affected.
Result: Investigators highlight the finding of the study that the mean posttest knowledge score (15.8) is higher than the mean pre-test knowledge
score (11.8). The mean difference between pre-test knowledge and
post-test knowledge is 4.0. The computed t-value 4.1 (2.00, P<0.05
df; 59) shows that there is a significant difference between pre-test
knowledge and post-test knowledge. This indicates that the selected STP
is effective to increase the knowledge of the adolescent girl regarding
the management and prevention of urinary tract infection.


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