Periodontal Microsurgery- A Review


  • Vibha Chinthakunta Rajarajeswari Dental College & Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
  • Savita Sambashivaiah Rajarajeswari Dental College & Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


Periodontology, Magnification, Microsurgery, Instruments



Introduction: The field of periodontology is under the refinement of various ongoing surgical procedures. The primary intention of any surgery is to preserve the functionality and well being of the patient. The idea of microsurgery has enhanced the outcomes in terms of passive wound closure and has reduced tissue trauma. A surgical microscope offers the periodontist increased illumination and visual acuity to perform procedures with great precision.
Objective: The purpose of this review is to elucidate periodontal microsurgeries such as functions of magnification, microsurgical instrumentation and their application in the field of periodontology.
Methodology: Electronic searches on PubMed, Embase, and ResearchGate were made and  relevant articles published were reviewed.
Results and Conclusion: Periodontal microsurgery, though in its infancy, holds tremendous possibilities. It requires good skills and practice for gaining optimum proficiency in the relevant area. Despite being more technique sensitive than other conventional procedures, the future of periodontics will see increased use of magnification in all fields including implantology.