Assessment of Association between Health and Nutritional Status of Geriatric Population in the Rural Area of Western Maharashtra, India


  • Badri Narayan Mishra Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, Ruxmaniben Deepchand Gardi Medical College, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • Rohit Avinash Vadgaonkar Ex. Intern, Rural Medical College, PIMS, Maharashtra, India.


Rural Geriatrics, Nutrition, Health Issues, ADL and IADL


Background: Many chronic diseases are considered age-related. The
study reports the existing health conditions of the geriatric population
from rural Maharashtra.
Aims and Objectives: This cross-sectional study assessed the health
conditions of the geriatric population in a rural area of Western
Maharashtra and associated them with their sociodemographic and
nutritional parameters.
Methodology: 260 participants were assessed by Gerald Jogrest
‘Geriatric Health Questionnaire’ and pertinent health issues were
collected from the primary health centre and individual health records.
Nutritional assessment was done by MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment)
questionnaire. SPSS version 20 software was used for data analysis.
Result: Out of 260, there were 148 (56.9%) male and 112 (43.1%) female
participants and the mean age was 72.11 (±6.59). All forms of functional
living status were significant associations (p<0.001) with nutritional
status. Anaemia was found in 64.16%. Cataract, joint pain, chronic
cough, tuberculosis, and varicose veins were prevalent in females,
whereas toothache, impaired hearing, hypertension, skin diseases,
diabetes, and bladder issues were dominant ones among males. BMI
(Body Mass Index) was significantly associated with joint complaints,
chronic cough, bowel and bladder problems, and diabetes (p<0.05).
Conclusion: The rural geriatric population faces the issue of a double
dilemma. On one hand, there exists a significant nutritional vulnerability
that impairs daily living, on the other hand, the association of BMI
with select disease conditions highlights the emerging issue of obesity.


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