International Journal of Human Sexuality and Sexual Health (IJoHSSH) under the Aegis of Institute of Sexology and Marriage Counselling is published by Advanced Research Publications (ADR). IJoHSSH is devoted to the publication of original scientific research findings, methodological developments, and opinions in the form of original and review articles, brief reports, letters to the editor, proceedings of symposia, debates, etc.

Aims of IJoHSSH: To bring forth the comprehensive perspective of human sexual behaviour and its problems related to human health and society at large

Objectives of IJoHSSH:

  • To study the overt and deep-seated sexual problems related to human sexual behaviours
  • To create awareness amongst the professional fraternity to realize the importance and intensity of the needs of this very aspect of human life
  • The scientific understanding of human sexual behaviour in various population groups and communities of the world at large
  • To develop various mechanism to develop the appropriate relevance for the welfare of human population viz sexual relationship in human beings and its role in marriage and reproduction, recreation and for betterment of human relationships.
  • As commonly used terminology the purpose to treat and solve human sexual problems through:
    1. Sexual education as awareness programs amongst people of all age groups
    2. Highlighting the ideas and methods of sexual counselling and therapies
    3. Legal arrangement